Friday, June 20, 2008

Focusing on the Book

I realize that it has been ages and ages since I have blogged. I guess the bad news is that I am not expressing myself in an immediate way. The good news though is that I have been using the time that previously I might have focused on blogging, on writing the book that I know I need to write about cancer. My process and journey though it.

So if you miss reading me, well, soon (hopefully) you will have even more of me to read. And yes, it is a slow process, this writing, but it is exciting, fun and inspiring. So YAY!

And to make it even more fun, and focused I have hired a writing coach to help me, so this will happen! Another YAY!

I will press onwards, and blog when I can, and appologize in advance when I can't. And there is the self care of doing what I need to do for me, as well as honouring you. Triple YAY!

Bless you on your journey. What is the project that you have been putting off that needs doing?


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