Saturday, February 09, 2008

Yes, We Can

Wow, for the first time since I have been tracking the details of the latest American primary race (and let's just say, for the record, that by and large I try to avoid paying attention to American's and their politics, so long ago has my hope for change run out) I had a feeling about it, instead of a thought.

You see there are lots of places for thoughts. White women, black man, republician moderate. So confusing, and exciting, even inspiring. But I haven't felt anything yet. Least of all hope. Hope of change, hope for a better tomorrow, hope that they might pull their collective heads out of their... sand, and notice that the world is mad as hell at them and they need to start doing something different. Anything different. No, I have long since buried that feeling. Under the rubble and the wreakage of the wars they wage.

And today... a feeling, in fact a flood of tear. And yes, dare I say it, when it stands exposed and vulnerable like a bud on a tree come too early, risking frostbite to get a look at the sun, yes... the feeling is HOPE. Hope the way a sibling cracks open with deep gratitude at the possibilities that emerge, like at the end of a cold winter, when a dear sister or brother (and in this case nation) has recognized they have a problem and has admitted themselves into rehab. I couldn't have made my brother nation go to rehab, he has to choose it for himself. But oh can I celebrate it, and support him, when he chooses to do the right thing. Hope poised to crash over me, like the crest of an ocean wave, with so much more force behind it that I can't even imagine how wide or deep it runs. Oh my god. Things could change. They could be different. There could be a good life after Bush. There could be a new way.

Please lead us out of the dark, we are all desperate for some sunlight, and just waiting for someone with enough muscle and heart to take the risk, and try something new.

What touched me so deeply? This video... check it out.


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