Saturday, July 28, 2007

Living Out Loud

Tomorrow is my birthday, but I cheated, and I opened (with express permission) the present of my dearest of friends Rhiannon. She has shared many birthdays with me, she shares my childhood, she shares my heart. Over the years she has played nursemaid (after my surgery, taking me to my first round of chemo, attending half of my radiation - she took the entire freaking year of my ill health off so that she could love and support me), hairdresser (she cut the locks when I shaved my head after the first round of chemo), confident, champion, cheerleader, shoulder and so much more. She is one of my rocks, if that can be said of someone so lighthearted and free spirited. She knows all of my struggles (and hears them in minute and painstaking detail, bless her heart) and all my joys. She helps me to remember who I am, and she keeps me whole.

This present was the most perfect she has ever given me, which is saying a lot. It is a silver and gold necklace. One the one side is a carved flower design, on the other a saying, one she explicitly said "The inscription spoke to me of you and all you stand for". And the quote?

If you asked me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you:
I came to live out loud.

Oh my goddess, on a day, and a month and a year when I am wrestling with wondering if I am on my right path, when I question if I am doing enough, or am well focused enough, or missing my calling, or about to lose out on my heart's desire there is this, this message. On the day when I recommitted to turning my will and my life over to the care of my Higher Power, there is this clarity, this simplicity, this gentle nudge. Yes, I am fine, I am on purpose, I am alright and everything is ok. Because the bottom line is I am here to live out loud. That is what I do, that is what I am meant to do. That is what Goddess made me to do, and made me for. And when I do this one small thing (small to me, because in fact I can't help but do it) then I am enough, and have done enough, no matter what the outcome, no matter what transpires in life. Because I am living Goddess' purpose for me. And all that is meant to come of it will. And all the lives that are meant to be impacted by it are, and all my work is done, naturally and easily.

Another added feature of this necklace, it is solid and sits heavily on my upper chest, constantly in my awareness. And the smaller piece strikes the large piece, regularly, all the better to remind me of... Rhiannon's love and all that I need do (or, essentially, not do).

Blessings on you sister, for always fighting to keep my soul in my body!!


At 4:07 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you... R. ;0)

At 11:35 AM PDT, Blogger Signy said...

No, thank you!


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