Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Creating My Vision Story - In Parts

Ok, yes, I admit it, partly I am writing this particular post, and writing it today, because, I have some coaching homework (and my check in session is tomorrow morning) to blog about what I am learning about how do I, and others, activate their lives. Let me back track.

The work I am presently doing with my coach is getting clarity on my life and work vision: on how I want to live my life, what would be most rewarding and fulfilling and a timeline for how and when to make that happen. Sounds great, right? And yet there is so much work involved, and so many phases. There is looking at passions, and purpose and strengths and values. And creating the vision story. And so much more.

So, way back when, I started looking at strengths. I got the Buckingham and Clifton book “Now, Discover Your Strengths” and while it is not that engagingly written (at least not for my taste that likes some sassy and some fierce thrown in, just for spice) the material itself is thought provoking. That is, when you take the time to read it. But one of the things you get out of reading the book and doing the online Strengths Finder is their take on what your top 5 natural talents are. My top one, ACTIVATOR – the kind of person to wants to move projects along, make things happen, and doesn’t need to spend lots (or any) time thinking, but rather knows that action yields both results and new information. You know, the kind of person who doesn’t bother reading a book from cover to cover. So I am only now getting to reading the book. And I am learning SO very much. And through that I was getting all excited and fired up. And naturally I brought that to my coach. Which resulted in us having a whole session on this theme of activation. And how and who I activate. And what it gives me to activate. Whoo hoo. Just thinking about it again, well, it activates me. Gets me buzzing like a bee. So agitated and excited that my whole body wiggles back and forth uncontrollably. And I want to dash off in 7 different direction and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Wow, I guess the goal then becomes how do I harness this energy and use it for good, to contribute, and make sure my fierce opinions get fired out into the world, where they can have some sort of impact.

Oh bum, I have to leave now and go to a Time Management seminar. Check out that irony. And notice me trying to manage my weaknesses instead of leverage my strengths. Never mind. One day of learning at a time. And I guess the actual posting that was to be about activating my and other peoples lives, well, that will have to come at some later date.


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