Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Uninteresting Protocol

Yes, as I expected. My doctor confirmed that I have a thing-y in my breast (she was not prepared to call it a “lump” and all the anxiety that goes with that). But there is a something there. It didn’t seem in any way unusual (as in different from regular breast tissue) to her, but, in her words “better safe than sorry” and so the process begins.

I have an ultrasound booked on May 2nd at 3:20 pm. That is the same day as my annual mammogram. So I think I will just rub the pair of them down with Emla, take a proactive Advil and grit my teeth until the afternoon is over. I think I will even wait until the next day to buy myself a present (a previous reward system commitment I have made).

If there is still anything untoward happening at that stage, I will go directly to see my surgeon, do not pass go, do not see the medical oncologist.

Yaknow, jump all the hoops, in the right order.

But here is the good news. Said lumpy thing did feel different (from both the inside and the outside) then the first time I lit upon it, when it just seemed hard and mean. During my squash game the other day it seems flushed and a bit engorged (hard to tell if that was the rest of the tissue around it or what). And today it was a bit tender. And when the hell does one ever experience cancer as tender, I ask you?! So maybe, just maybe, a fibrocyst, growing in spite of the rest of the breast still shrinking from it’s run in with the radiation machine over 5 years ago now. I am up for that, and any prayers in that direction would be greatly appreciated.


At 10:02 AM PDT, Anonymous emira said...

You know I'm thinkin' of you, and will be on the 2nd as well.

At 5:19 PM PDT, Blogger Signy said...

Thanks Darlin'. It means the world to have your, and everybody else's, support.


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