Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Breast Exams Without the Squeeze???

Can this be possible?
Are my dreams being answered?
Have there been new breakthroughs?
Or is it just quackery?

Yesterday I was at my homeopath's and came across this new and exciting possibility in the form of a "Non-Invasive Breast Screening with Infrared Thermography" clinic coming to BC. Well, hoopitidodah, I say. Now, naturally, it comes at a cost to the patient, but, for the sake of trying something new, I might be really to pay that money. At the very least to learn what it is about and to develop a baseline read (actually, not even sure they do that, so I had been get in touch with them before I commit). I will keep you informed.

And for your reading pleasure...

Here is some RESEARCH background
Here is some FOR
And here is some AGAINST


At 11:33 AM PDT, Blogger Alda said...

Can this be possible?
Are my dreams being answered?
Have there been new breakthroughs?

Two posts in two days???

;-) Talk to you soon.

At 10:34 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been getting Thermograms for the past two years. I started with Thermography after the Mammogram and Ultrasounds showed nothing with my "dense" breasts. A physical exam reveals a "thickness" in my left breast but the traditional screening methods show nothing. Themography has revealed a heat signature that has been increasing. Others have told me that their cystic breasts have had such a heat signature. But is the entire process is less invasive and I feel comfortable getting the therm every 6 months. Regarding payment-- it's about $200 per exam + the doctor's follow up (which is covered by insurance). Supplemental insurance will reimburse the patient for $50 of the cost. I have another in November and it offers me a way to see if the lifestyle changes are having any effect on the "area of concern". A word of caution... Thermography can detect things up to 10 years before other methods. This not knowing what "it" is can be a bit of a mind f***. That has been my experience, anyhow. That being said, I feel more empowered being able to be proactive. My mother died of metastasized breast cancer 10 years ago. I was 23. --- Sabrina in Santa Fe, NM USA

At 6:20 PM PST, Blogger Signy said...

Boy, biggest of appologies, here a totally new reader posts a comment, and a lengthy, juicy comment, with so much info, and then I just bugger off. So sorry. And such good info, thank you kindly Sabrina for your contributions. And Alda, for your cheeky humour.


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