Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Love, Love, Love

So here is how things went down in my absence… I was suppose to go away, far, far away, and hang out of trees by ropes, risking life and limb, and dive into the heart of my heart, and discovery things I never knew about myself. What I did instead… was realize that I have taken on too much (dare I say it, again), and opted out of what would be a fabulous experience in order to do the self care that I needed to do. To nurture myself. To talk to my aunt at my leisure (not to mention put together a care package for her which consisted of Sally Errey’s Staying Alive Cookbook, Bernie Siegel’s book Love, Medicine and Miracles, on having the right attitude during cancer treatment, a Quan Yin Goddess figurine, for compassion, and a bracelet of amethysts, so she can carry the thoughts and love of all her friends and family with her). To get caught up to my thoughts. And to opt out of the details of life that can get in the way of Life (sorry to report that blogging was one of those). It was the right thing to do. It left me feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Here is what else I did. I seem to have embarked on a new relationship. Whoa! How did that happen? When did that happen? Doesn’t the goddess understand that this is a very inconvenient time? Not to mention an astrologically hexed time? Well never mind. Seems that this is how I am meant to risk life and limb, and dive into the heart of my heart, and discover things I never knew about myself (thank goodness no tree dangling though). Love is love, and the heart is the heart, can’t be controlled (or so I am re-learning). And frankly there is probably nothing better for the heavy or dark heart to bring peace and joy. I might even go so far as to recommend it as part of cancer treatment, because that love buzz sure is fun, and there is nothing more life affirming and exciting. In fact, I do remember starting a new relationship during my radiation treatment, and boy, now that I think of it, radiation was easier in some ways than the other treatment, and perhaps that was why. And yes, I am being a bit whimsical here, but what is the way we can bring more love into cancer treatment? Is it making sure the person feels the love of family and friends? Is it having some excitement in their lives, and reason to hang on and keep fighting? Is it getting more touch and affection (because boy is that healing!!!)? I don’t know the answer, but I know the question is worth pondering!

Speaking of love, here is the update on my aunt (who I spoke to this morning at length, and she sounds in good spirits): they are still trying to figure out what is what. They are now calling into question the type of cancer it is, and when they had previously thought that chemo wasn’t necessary, they are reconsidering (in other words, if it is this other cancer, then chemo is a good thing/idea). And she is having other funny squeaks and aches and pains and problems. So the medical exploration is continuing (good thing she is reading Bernie’s work and being the squeaky wheel that demands what she needs!!). Tomorrow – August 17th, at 1:30pm Eastern Time, she is having a CAT scan at the local hospital. All and any prayers would be welcome. And thank you for your ongoing support.


At 2:51 PM PDT, Blogger Alda said...

Whoo-hoo!! :)

At 7:10 AM PDT, Blogger Darran Frisby said...

Great that you took time for yourself, and a MAN...nicely done!!!

Glad your back ;)

At 2:06 PM PDT, Blogger Signy said...

Well, thank you very much. It feels so good (in so many different ways!).

At 1:59 PM PDT, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

I'm glad you have this new "entity" in your life now! It does make one all tingly and sparkly, doesn't it?


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