Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Power of Love

Quick aunt update… so, from what I hear second or perhaps third hand, the cancer my aunt has is very rare. It is a sarcoma. It was in of /in the soft muscle of the interior of the uterine wall. And, fortunately, her GP listened when earlier this month Stephanie went in and said “something is not right here, this fibroid is getting bigger by the week.” Apparently the prognosis is good, and the medical team will meet later this week and come up with their advise for (or if there should be) any follow up treatment(s).

Tomorrow my aunt goes home (although she does assert this has been a great vacation from all that needs doing on the farm this time of year). But she is not allowed to walk up stairs, drive or lift things (owning to the incision as opposed to the cancer, in case that had you scratching your head).

Stephanie specifically asked my mother to tell me that she feels very grateful for all the good thoughts that everyone has been sending. She feels it and knows it. She said “I am very sure of the impact of the love, I feel a lightness around me.” She is very committed to staying positive and upbeat (a woman after my own heart). She knows that everything that can be being done is and this gives her strength. She will keep thinking positive thoughts and continue in good humour.

The other really noticeable thing is how great the hospital care has been! The staff is excellent at Kingston General Hospital, more like neighbours stopping by for a visit than health care providers. They are nice and they joke with her and connect with her. It is so different from the usual hospital routine and what a good model it is!! We all feel certain that this environment had helped her to heal. Medicine and health care the way it should be I say.

Finally I have pointed my aunt (through my mother) to burdock and dandelion tea, castor oil packs and adding more blueberries, ground flax seed and almonds to her diet. We are committed to fighting this with everything we have!

Thanks for your ongoing thoughts and prayers and love. They are making a difference. And have the power to heal!


At 8:29 AM PDT, Blogger Darran Frisby said...

I am so glad to hear that....Great news!!!

At 9:48 PM PDT, Blogger Signy said...

It is very, very exciting.


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