Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Self Care: the Castor Oil Pack

I promised to post this for Signy as a shared resource (guest author/friend Emira here), though Signy if you want to edit any words/advice here please feel free.

These are the instructions and intention for using Castor Oil Packs on the liver for the elimination & detoxification of the body. For full disclosure I should say that these general instructions (somewhat truncated here, and parenthetical comments generally mine) come from the fabulous Naturopath Dr. Glenda Laxton.

Materials Needed
* Castor oil (should be cold pressed)
* Plastic wrap (think clear saran or a plastic bag that has no ink on it)
* Flannel cloth (white cotton or wool, organic a plus) cut to approx 30 x 30" (roughly)
* An old towel
* Baking dish or oven proof pie plate

1. Fold flannel to a thickness of 3 & place on heat resistant plate or dish.
2. Pour enough castor oil on one side of flannel until well moistened.
3. Heat in microwave 1 minute or so, or your oven for 5-10 minutes at 350F.
4. Apply cloth directly to skin of treatment area (generally this over your liver -- right side of abdomen below ribs).
5. Place plastic bag or wrap that is 2-5cm larger than the flannel on all sides over flannel to prevent leaking of oil and subsequent stains.
6. Cover the flannel/plastic compress with the old towel.
7. If using heat apply a hot water bottle or heating pad over treatment area to maintain heat.
8. Rest: read, relax or sleep for 45 to an hour (FYI: if you can stay awake reading with this thing on you are one peppy person).
9. Remove pack, wipe area clean.

Pack can be stored in your fridge in a ziploc bag for future use. Reuse the pack several times, just add a bit more heated oil as needed to keep the cloth saturated. Replace the pack once it begins to change colour.

For maximum effectiveness you'll want to apply the pack as often as possible. Try for at least 4 consecutive days per week for 1 month.

If the oil does stain anything, remove stains with a solution of 3tbs baking soda/1 litre of water.


At 9:19 PM PST, Blogger emira said...

P.S. Signy, I'm just simmering up a pot of organic tomato/white bean/kale soup to bring over on Thursday to put in the fridge/freezer.

At 10:19 PM PST, Blogger Signy said...

Ok my god, that sounds so good!!!

I am working on what needs to happen when on the day of. When do you expect to be available to come over on the 23rd?

At 11:52 AM PST, Blogger emira said...

Hey there, well I'm rearranging my life as we speak due to some pressing needs at work. So I'm thinking I can probably come to you by 7.

At 1:23 PM PST, Blogger Signy said...

Cool, athough I wasn't expecting you until later. Don't rush for me. And I have a list and instructions and so many things that you will mistake me for a "J" even if only temporarily.

Hey, maybe you could post the recipe for bean/kale deal. Just whenever. And only if it is easy.

Can't wait for our fun sleepover, how crazy is that!?!


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