Monday, July 10, 2006

Vacation Bound

Not a real, long, fun vacation... just a few short days, and then leading another workshop for CTI. This time back east (which is funny because my parents will have come west and be staying at my place while I am away). But, as I promised myself I will leave off everything, including blogging, while I am away (unless I come across something I absolutely NEED to rant about). A break, a rest. Some self care. Some fun. So with that I wish you well, and I will see you on the other side, probably within the week.


At 11:33 PM PDT, Anonymous Fi said...

Hi Signy! Aha, that explains why I haven't had a response to my, hey, I'm at UBC for the week and let's have lunch, message.

Have a really good vacation. I'd love to talk when you return.

Also read your beautiful writing about Debbie the nurse. Isn't that amazing. 4 hours out of a person's's inspiring.

love, Fi


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