Wednesday, March 01, 2006

All Your Love

Gasp, splutter, cough. That’s me, emerging from the deep. What a process. What a procedure. What a journey. A journey I could not have made without YOU! Thank you. Thank you. And thank you one more time!!! I am out the other end, and find your hand, reaching to me, holding me, gently soothing me.

It is so clear to me how it is your support, your prayers, your love, and your blessings that have me where I am today. Safe and sound and slowly recovering. The number of calls, company, emails, breakfasts, astrological chats, salmon deliveries, blog comments, deep and important conversations, feedback on lidocaine, visits, inspiration of the next generation, lunches, distractions, food drop offs, blog updates, sleep overs, giggle fits, picture taking, flowers, boundary setting, flying out from Ontario, dinners, standing ground with the medical team, castor oil pick up, whim support, refusing to go bra shopping, offers of help, rolling with cancelled appointments, whiling away the time, dealing with my drug addled mind, checking in, all of these and so much more leave me feeling loved, cared for, and whole. You are my backbone, my outer skin, the heart that beats in my chest. Thank you again!

More soon on MY take of the surgery day.


At 7:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there goddess woman

First time I've had a chance to visit your blog in a while but i've been thinking about you! Sending a little love your way. Imagine a whole bunch of butterflies swirling around you - don't know where that image came from - but here it is :-)



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