Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Report

Lauren again... I spoke with Signy around 6pm tonight and she asked me to give you all a more detailed update. So here goes. It's going to be a bit, shall we say, fluid... much like the conversation I had with our darling Signy.

First things first: according to friend Seana, who picked Signy up at the hospital yesterday and accompanied her home, the surgeon (Dr. Kusk) mentioned that when she removed the calcification she tried to "eyeball" it to see if she could sense whether or not it was cancerous. (Sometimes she has had success in identifying these things, apparently.) Unfortunately she didn't feel like she had a good idea one way or the other, so we will need to hold out for the test results -- these should come in about two weeks, so hold onto those uplifting, supportive thoughts and prayers.

In lighter news, Signy was by all accounts having a good time under anaesthesia, even going so far as to flirt with her anesthesiologist. No word yet on whether they've made a date!

Today, Signy has been feeling okay, but in more pain than yesterday (as the drugs have now worn off). She's been taking Tylenol 3's, napping and is eating well. She's had her scheduled visitors over and is really appreciating the company -- as well as the many wonderful, well-wishing phone calls that have come in.

Maggie (Signy's beautiful black cat) has been very attentive and according to Signy, "trying to purr me to good health". It's good to know that Signy has company 24 hours a day; Maggie has not left her side since she came home yesterday, which is unusual behaviour for the usually quite independent kitty.

What else? She mentioned she didn't sleep well last night, despite using the castor oil pack, but thought that may have been because she had slept all day. She is in some pain now, and is tired -- but she emphasized that the pain is at least keeping her from being bored. That's our gal!

Finally, happy birthday to Signy's mom! Signy mentioned she had a chance to talk to her on the phone and extend her birthday greetings.

I am on breakfast duty tomorrow, so will try and check in again to let you all know how she's doing.

Oh, and thanks for all your comments here -- I'm going to print off the most recent ones and bring them to Signy in the morning. I know she'll be delighted to hear all of your good wishes and thoughts.

All the best to all of you Team Signy stalwarts!


At 9:23 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Signy

I'm glad to hear you're home and surrounded by the love of friends and felines. I'm thinking of you lots on this cold cozy weekend and I'm sending all my warm thoughts straight up Oak Street and right on 13th, 14th? uh oh. They'll make it. They were reaaallly good warm thoughts. Lots of love... Carol


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