Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Living Our Values

Ok, I have gotten too excited and caught up discovering, deepening and living my values to remember/have time for/be able to focus long enough to blog. And yes, self-expression, and shape shifting are among my values, and blogging and writing have me meet those values too, but I must say, it sure is fun to have living my life take precedence over writing about it.

So how am I getting clarity on my values? The classic coaching stuff, looking at my peak experiences, my valley experiences, any values violation and my invisible values (if you want to know more just let me know, I can blog about it or we can chat off line); but here is what is different:

  • I am clarifying them with a group of people - which creates accountability for me, as well as a place to talk through the findings
  • I am using them in service of creating a vision
  • I am focusing on “How will I know that I am living them?”

This shouldn’t be rocket science, but it is rocking my world. Not even rocking my world (that just sounded fun when I wrote it, rocket – rocking, it flowed), but just bringing me joy. Just the act of getting clear, really really clear, on what my values are brings joy into my life and my day. Hmmmm, self-awareness. The crack cocaine for new-age types.

Here is one thing that I firmly believe… if people truly knew themselves, and found places to fully express that safely, that would cut down on the instances of heart disease and cancer, the number of people on antidepressants, the amount of violence directed at children, and work stress and burnout, to name just a few. Full self-expression could save the world so much time and money, not to mention human lives. Hello. HELLO!!! What are we waiting for? Let’s get everyone on the fast track to learning about and living from our values; of knowing and actively expressing our gifts; of living on purpose! IT IS TIME!


At 7:12 AM PDT, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Hurrah for self-expression for a number of purposes! It wouldn't matter if no one read it, we write it to get our feelings/thoughts out of our heads, putting it in a concrete form, thus giving it substance,validating it as our reality. Then, it's a bonus for someone else to read, appreciate... discuss...whatever.

Learned much of this from my dad..I posted a very touching short story of his today with pictures and am collecting comments on it for him to see tomorrow...he'd be thrilled to have yours, if you have time...thanks! He's never even looked at a computer screen!

(My sister-in-law is visiting and she has just finished a year of surgery, chemo, and radiation just like yours..I gave her your site to check out.)

At 8:30 PM PDT, Blogger Signy said...

Thanks, and sorry I just checked in now, and I suspect you have already celebrated the day with your father. What a great idea and what a special gift.


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