Friday, May 12, 2006

How To Celebrate?

Here is one of the huge advantages, for me, of getting quiet and listening to my body. I get very useful bits of information. I had been thinking, as I approach my 5 year clean date, that I need to have a big party, a celebration, like a “Signy’s Happy Boobs” Party. Now, the day is an awkward day (Tuesday), and I am just about to head out of town, so for a great number of reasons, a big honking party is not in order. But to just let the day go by unmarked, that is really, really wrong in the way I run my life. I mean here is my body, this fabulous unsung hero, this vessel that isn’t just seaworthy, that isn’t just taking me across the ocean, but one that has deflected submarine fire during the voyage. This deserves some great praise, some large recognition, some hearty acknowledgement. It’s kudos time!!!

So what’s a gal to do? Well, I don’t know what other gals do, but the obvious choice for me… A Ritual. A timeout to stop, get still, and be with the Goddess. To thank Her, to praise Her. And to thank, recognize and honour the people who got me here. Who got me out alive. The where, the what, the how, the who. These are all still taking shape (yes, even so close to the event, but for the very best of rituals, I find they need be organic, and come from the heart, otherwise they are empty ceremonies, not one bit alive, and since being alive is what I am celebrating, how wrong would that be??!?!). Fortunately, ritual has always come easily and naturally to me, and so I will let this one come to me, when and as it is ready. It only makes sense that I will honour myself in figuring out how to honour myself. Yes?

Now these last two paragraphs are not to say that there will not be a party. That would be remise of me. But the party will wait. Because I have a whole, huge, big, long lifetime ahead of me and I am no longer in a race again time, I am no longer in a rush. And so the party will wait. It will wait until I am back. It will wait until I am ready. It will wait until some time in June or July.


At 7:12 AM PDT, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Of course you must honour AND praise yourself for YOUR part in getting YOU through this! It is your inner strength, your Higher Self that had the energy to pass the capability down to The Lower Self and in order make it become the physical reality.
And this, indeed, should be celebrated, perhaps both privately AND publicly!

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