Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Welcome to My Website

At long last (and I do mean long, but I suspect that last is not so true) ...

My WEBSITE is LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (catchy title, hey?)

And it is quite beautiful, thanks to my web mistresses at Raised Eyebrow Web Studios.

So this year, not only did I become a CTI front of the room leader, get trained on 3 of the core courses, as well as lead a number of them, hold down a full time job, travel for 11 weekends of the year, go to Ontario for 2 weeks to visit my family, attend a conference, take the first in the Organizational Systems Coaching courses as well as two courses about international communication and skills (does that include America?), take on a whole bunch of new coaching clients, finish two quilts, get turned down for entry at the US border, get sent to the hospital for something wrong with my heart, become an Icelandic citizen, renegotiate my mortgage, landscape my patio, have an extra set of mammograms done (and all the anxiety that comes with that, and knowing that they think something is wrong), have my car stolen, lose my aunt to cancer, start a blog that I contribute to at least every other day, have surgery to remove calcifications from my breast... I also managed to finish my website. So please, when you have a moment, do go take a look.


At 8:31 AM PDT, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

As I said in my e-mail, a fabulous site. It should serve you well!
And as to all you have accomplished over the past year as you've outlined here,you are simply amazing! Gives most people cause to shake their heads! You sound like a real "handler" and one who can juggle a lot at once. Well, I am not like that but I sure appreciate the benefit I derive from people who are! Keep it up and good luck in your coaching business.

At 11:26 AM PDT, Blogger Signy said...

Thank you. And it is funny, because I don't really notice what I do, until I stop and take the time to ennumerate it. Makes me wonder if it is time for a vacation. But there are just too many exciting things to be done, which really is half my problem. It is why I get so much done (my excitement for everything), but it is also why much of it takes me twice (or more) as long to do, too many stallions in the stable. I mean really, how can you pick just one?


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