Monday, March 13, 2006

To Be Continued

So what now? I have a clean bill of health. I can pack up shop and be done. Go back to my life, my other life, as it were. You know, the one that has nothing to do with cancer. Well, there is no such thing for me. It would appear that it is over, but one thing I have learned this go around, is that it is never over. Fortunately, this time not from a fear place of checking over my shoulder, but from a “This is the fight of my life”, Lance Armstrong-y kind of place. From a it matters too much to me and to future generations for cancer to be a thing of the past to not keep going, not keep sharing, not keep writing and not keep fighting. I am just getting rolling.

Besides, this weekend I got two sets of results. Mine, as you know, were just what I wanted (a bit late for Christmas, a bit early for my birthday, but I will take them as the gift they are). I also got news that was not so fortunate about someone dear to me. Cancer is not going away any time soon, and so neither am I.

I have no intension of putting down my sword, or my pen. Rather I am picking up the torch. The torch of the “obligation to the cure”, the torch of commitment, the torch of love. Love for all the people whose lives are being touched by cancer right now, and love for the people who one day will be touched by cancer. Love for all the friends and family, and love for the future.

Please join me in my fight, keep reading my blog (stay tuned for posts on how to use food to help in the fight), keep forwarding it to the people who might need to rethink their perspective of cancer. Find your own way to fight, for yourself and for others. Let’s show this cancer thing what we are made of.

To Be Continued


At 8:59 PM PST, Blogger emira said...

Signy. Lauren and I were away for the past few days, but I can assure you you were never far from thought. I too am enjoying a very physical sense of relief at being back here at the computer and catching up. Relief that is hard to put into words. For me, I think it feels like some small part of me has been holding my breath since we stepped outside of your house on Friday morning, you in your yoga pants and magic mittens, and headed to cancer world. I can only glimpse at how big that sense of relief must be for you now.

And then, yes, there is the other. The cancer that won't go away. And now that you have one end of things off your mind, I'm looking forward to helping you fight and love through the rest.

At 2:54 AM PST, Blogger Alda said...

Good to know that you're continuing the fight for others - and by extension, yourself. And that you'll keep posting. Very glad for that. :)


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