Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Unplanned (& Unpleasant) Interruptions

Emira guest writing here again. I just had a call from Signy to say that her plan to update the blog here and let you all know in her own fabulous words how recovery is going has been waylaid by some nasty form of food poisoning/stomach flu. Suffice it to say that blogging/writing are not as top of mind as more immediate needs at the moment. And so, your return to your usual Team Signy Mistress will be delayed for a while longer.


At 10:23 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Signy,

It's been great to read your blog and get a sense of all the amazing people and energy surrounding you. I get the picture you are well cared for!!

I hope your stomach flu eases soon -- sure hope it wasn't a wonky mixture of bee pollen and spirulina or something!

Take good care of yourself and think about all the things you need to make yourself better.

(your coachee).

At 10:47 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also had food poisoning last week. It was from a Korean resturant where you get to cook your own beef over an in door BBQ. In retrospect, having to cook your own meal at a resturant really defeats the point of going out. I would recommend eating congee and drinking Gatorade. This is exactly what the doctor told me after I waited for 1.5 hours.
We miss you Signy, hope to see you around the office soon. I booked students that are especially pleasant for you next week so you have something to look forward to :)


At 6:09 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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