Friday, February 24, 2006

Golden Rays of Light Work Their Magic

Emira here. I've just left Signy at Cancer world and made my way back to a computer. She should be in surgery about now as it is 11am and I left her at about 40 minutes ago in the hands of a very generous anaesthesiologist named David, under the influence of the happy juice he had given her.

The day has been marvellously on schedule so far. We arrived at Cancer World with magic mittens on to keep Signy's hands/veins warm and happy, and proceeded to find Lynne the happy nurse who guided us through the process. Highlights of the morning were as follows:

- The Emla we used to numb up Signy's hand for the IV worked like a charm.
- The IV, inserted by lovely Lynne, went in without a hitch while Signy and I talked about her darling Madeleine her current vocabulary. Signy described the IV going in as being "just a bit of pressure" but no pain.
- Moments later she was whisked up to the 3rd floor to have the fine wire inserted, she was gone for about just over an hour, and did not have any sedation beyond what she had taken in the morning for this. We had applied Emla to her breast in preparation, and they did use local freezing. When she got back I had a brief update from her as to how it went, she seemed calm and ok with it all, though there had apparently been a lot of blood (more than she had expected) and the mamogram machine had applied more pressure than I think she would have liked. But she felt good about entering the next phase.
- Here's where the fun starts. Dr. Kusk, Lynne, Signy and I all convened to talk about what was next, and to get Signy onto a stretcher, and we got to meet David the anaesthesiologist. David, while not able to play the high priestess role that Dr. Kusk will be assuming for the procedure, agreed to play the role of something close to alterboy and promised to make everything good with his "cocktail bar." He made good on that promise mixing Signy up a happy martini for her IV sedation. There were prayers, thoughts of all of you praying for Signy, and everyone present agreed to hold the commitment that Signy is very healthy and will heal quickly. Signy was happy with the sedation, and quickly went from loving prayers to the goddess, to a land of happy sedation to begin the last part of her journey. Before she relaxed into it, she did remark to David that he had indeed given her something "very good."

Overall, I can tell you that the morning, from what I saw to this point, went very well and Signy's wishes were always respected. Lynne was indeed a fabulous, patient and caring nurse throughout the process, and we managed to have a little fun in between the moments of anxiety, thinking good thoughts, enjoying the hairnet and white pantaloon accessories supplied by the hospital and generally staying in control of Signy's power.

For those of you not in Vancouver today, it is a simply stunning February day. Clear, sunny and crisp. While Signy was up having the fine wire put in, I took a walk outside to get some fresh air and a coffee before she returned. As I returned to Cancer World, I noticed the building (with the majestic North Shore Mountains serving as its backdrop) was being graced with a beam of sunlight falling in such away that was bathed in a ray of golden sunlight. I had a chance to describe this to Signy just before she went under the sedation, and to bring her back to the power of all your prayers that was helping to send that light.

{The one other note that I will record here for administrative purposes, is that Dr.Kusk informed us this morning that she is taking 2 weeks holiday in a week, which may interfere with her ability to be the one to give Signy her results. As such, the results are being passed onto Signy's GP Doralee, so that is where she needs to go to get the happy healthy news.}


At 12:10 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Signy, I am so glad to hear here your morning went as planned. Thank you to your friend for posting so quick to inform us of everything. It was really quiet in the office this morning, which reminds me that you are the most lively person here and that we need you and your scottish counter part sorely. I hope you recover from your procedure soon, and we will continue to keep you in our prayers and thoughts. Enjoy the sunshine.

At 1:56 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whew.....Sigh, breathe, breathe, breathe. I blessed the goddess this morning when the sun was shining in such a way as to indicate all is well.

Much love and hugs to Signy and to all of you who have done such an incredible service of bringing our girl home.

See you tonight Signy

At 2:08 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK YOU GODDESS!! Thank you Emira for all you did, and for posting so quickly and so beautifully, so those of us who are in grief about not being with Signy during this can find out how everything went - and that it went WELL! I am so happy ... I am so relieved and grateful. Yay Signy!!!! Oh wow. Thank you.


At 3:07 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Emira for keeping all of us informed on Signy's day. My thoughts, energy and bust'em up attitude have been with you all day Signy, and I'm pleased the Goddess showed up to shower her light upon you before the surgery. Healing thoughts, Dawn

At 11:29 PM PST, Anonymous Fi said...

Thanks so much Team Signy, it is so good to know how well our friend is being loved and how beautifully she was cared for.

Sent my prayers and white light thoughts before, during surgery time.

Love you Signy
xox Fi


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